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TrulyFit: Fitness Business Managements Software

Personal Training Software Review

Do I need Personal Training Software?

Yes, personal training software allows you to run your business professionally and easily.

Let’s face it the world of personal training is growing larger and more competitive. Having the best personal training software can set you apart from the crowd. It is also one less thing to worry about when running your fitness business.

With the advent of social media the fitness industry has expanded quickly. It is easier than ever to get started in the health and fitness space. Whether you’re running a fitness business online or in person, you’ll need software to help ensure your professionalism.

Online Fitness Software Solves Problems

Everyone encounters the same struggles in standing out from the rest. Whether you’ve spent hours or years in the industry.

Are you just starting out or even a year or two into your online fitness business? It’s possible you’ve relied solely on the likes of Instagram and Facebook to get your name out there.

The market is flooded with pros. Imagine how difficult it is for clients to know why you may be a better fit for them than the next pro. If you only have one shot at them, you need to look professional. Having great online fitness software can help you manage your business.

Free Personal Training Software?

What if there was a free personal training software that gave you both the tools to run your business and helped bring clients to the platform for you?

Understanding SEO, hashtags, keyword phrases, and learning how to properly set up Facebook ads can be time consuming. You are not a marketing expert you are a fitness professional.

Avoiding those wasted hours digging through hashtags to get people to talk to you so that you could focus on actually coaching

TrulyFit does just that.  Getting online personal training clients is more difficult than ever. TrulyFit provides fitness software while also helping you get clients!

Let’s first cover the basics of the other popular personal trainer online software. I will go over what they offer, and then circle back to TrulyFit:

Personal Training Software Options

What does the best personal training software provide?


MyPTHub is used and trusted by personal trainers and nutritionists alike. The interface is perfect for both face-to-face and online clients with the option to provide each client with their own personal log-in for you to track. You can customize fitness and nutrition plans directly on the site, as well as track progress photos and weight with a graph.

  • Starting Price: $20 a month after a 30-Day Trial
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Exercise Demo Library: Yes
  • Pros: The app offers more than its competitors in way of aesthetics, workouts, and in-person options.
  • Cons: Users say the app is clunky and disorganized. Does not bring clients to you.


Trainerize is well-known by those operating in various capacities of the fitness businesses, such as personal trainers, boutique studios, health clubs, gym chains, and even sports teams, athletes, and sometimes healthcare practitioners. The Trainerize platform arguably has the widest reach in the health and fitness space, which is great for some, but also means their focus is broad and can lack specificity for personal trainers.

  • Starting Price: $4.50 a month per two clients after a 30-Day Trial
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Exercise Demo Library: Yes
  • Pros: Wide range of uses for those in the health, wellness, and fitness space. Cheaper initially by comparison against the other SaaS in the space.
  • Cons: Cost goes up significantly based on how many clients you have, the highest plan is $270/month for unlimited. No features for live training or hosting groups or challenges, leaving some personal trainers to remain on Facebook to host. Users say it comes with a bit of a learning curve and could use some updating to the interface. Does not bring clients to you.


TrueCoach is one of the newer and more popular fitness platforms out there. The TrueCoach app boasts itself as the leading platform for fitness professionals, including personal trainers and gym owners.

  • Starting Price: $19 a month after a 14-Day Trial
  • Mobile App: Yes
  • Exercise Demo Library: Yes
  • Pros: Easy to navigate, the ability to create multiple programs, easy to track, and manage clients’ progress.
  • Cons: Users say the app is sometimes glitchy and worse for clients who are accessing it on Android. Does not bring clients to you.

Getting Clients

There are many helpful benefits to using the above sites as a fitness professional. However, one key element is missing: clients.

In order to use any of those apps, you need to already have your own clients.

The best personal trainer software in the world won’t get you anywhere if you have no one to use it for and no way to pay for it.

It’s a bit of a catch-22 for fitness professionals, especially those just starting out. Make sure to check out these blogs to get a better sense of how to get and keep clients!

Getting Clients as a New Personal Trainer

Tips For Booking Evening Clients

TrulyFit is Different

Time to get back to talking TrulyFit, the new revolutionary online personal training business software that actively markets to bring hot leads to the site to search for you.

Getting clients is a crucial part of this business. It is also one of the most difficult areas to figure out.

Personal trainers waste hours a day posting to social media and digging through relevant hashtags in hopes to get conversations and clients. Time and effort put into self-marketing can add up.

With posts, stories, and being somewhat glued to the phone and acting as a pseudo marketing manager. The rate of burnout for online personal trainers is high. Many of them quit before they really get going in their business. This is partially because they never advance past the self promotion phase.

Having a great personal training booking software can help ease the process of getting started and staying busy.

With TrulyFit personal trainers and fitness professionals can be found simply by the platform’s reputation and marketing dollars.

Stop hoping someone stumbles across your social media page. Don’t rely on replies to your DMs (it’s hard not to come off as spammy when you’re trying to get clients). TrulyFit recruits clients to come to the site looking for pros.

Thousands of hot leads will be searching through the platform. No more need for paid Facebook or Instagram ads.

In addition, you have the features you need to train those clients and charge them all built in.

Clients can search trainers by niche and specialty and book your classes or training sessions directly.

This provides fitness professionals with hot leads that can turn into clients saving time, stress, and money for both the client and the trainer.

Why pay to find and keep your clients when they can find you…for free?



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