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Celebrity Trainer Ky Evans: Group Fitness Returns! + L.I.F.T Method: Ky Evans

Guest: Ky Evans

Podcast Release Date: 3/5/2021


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Steve Washuta: Welcome to the Trulyfit podcast. I’m your host Steve Washuta, co-founder of Trulyfit and author of Fitness Business 101 on today’s podcast we have Ty Evans, this is going to be long. Ky has done it all, in the industry: has been a celebrity trainer working with the likes of Paris Hilton, and Ronda Rousey, Metta World Peace, Matt Barnes, and that list goes on. Ky was listed in Shapes, Magazines, Hottest trainers list of 2014 it’s been an OK weekly la confidential fitness RX. Most recently he was on an NBA TV series: Strong.

Ky is now working with variable tension in what he calls the lift method, he’s going to explain all that it is so cool, so unique, and he’s very passionate about it. In addition to that, the most important part is that Kai works with group fitness instructors and group fitness facilities to help them become the best version of themselves and really build their business. He also teaches that lift method, he’s going to explain the Academy of sorts that he runs. I’m very excited from start to finish. Ky is very honest, he talks about the lowest of lows and highest of highs, and you guys have a lot to learn from this one.

Very excited to give you Ky Evans, and with no further ado, here he is. Ky Evans, thanks for being here. I know there’s gonna be some people excited who already know about you. But for those who don’t know about you, why don’t you give us the 411 bio background on Ky Evans, let’s start all the way from the beginning. The first things you did in fitness, what got you to hear not just what you’ve been doing lately?

KY Evans: All right. First of all, I am so excited to be in front of your audience and be part of Trulyfit and everything you guys are doing. I think you guys are gonna do some amazing things. I think this community and culture, especially now where fitness is needed. So I’m really excited to be here. So thank you, Steve. Wow, so I got a long story.

KY Evans: I’ll try to give you the cliff notes. I’ve been doing this a long time. For me, fitness was never about being an athlete. It wasn’t about having muscles or being read or having a 42 vertical 42 inch vertical. It was never about any of that. I grew up in an Eastern European home. My parents were immigrants who grew up in Detroit. My mother was Serbian, my father was Macedonian.

KY Evans: So it was that Eastern Bloc, like you’re gonna be a doctor, you’re gonna be a lawyer. I was one of those kids that were scrawny and didn’t speak English when I was growing up at the beginning, and had issues with learning. So my only outlet was working out. And it wasn’t because I wanted to be bigger and badder. It was the only way I could really feel like I was connected to myself, It was about expression.

KY Evans: It wasn’t about the result, I didn’t care, I would disappear in the basement, you know, and I was having a bad day and I got bullied, you know, they hit a lot, the bullying and, and all this stuff being an immigrant growing up in a city and you know, big city, Detroit, and its schools were tough. So my outlet was working out expressing myself. And then when I tried to get into sports, I was always picked on I wasn’t very good. So I hated sports, I hated it. Because I was always the geek, I was always the band guy too.

KY Evans: So what happened was, I started to really connect with ballet, and movement, and dance and expression. And so as I was coming up, I was infatuated with dance. Then when I trained I kind of put those two together. It was all about moving to express myself. Then I started getting fascinated with obviously weights and tension and, and what it feels like to get a pump and as a kid. So I was really gonna beat up pretty bad as a kid mentally growing out in Detroit. I didn’t get into my first year of college, which is crushing to me. I got declined by everyone, which was brutal. Talk about a lot of ego chapters, I’ve had many in my life, right? Life, just you think you’re that good. Boom.

KY Evans: So I went to the Jesuit University of Detroit and I was studying religion, and philosophy, man, I don’t know if I was gonna be some kind of like preacher or something. I just wanted to I just want to, like, get my word out there. Because when I started to find out my voice, I was like, I got something to say. It was all because when I was alone at home as a kid or felt bad about myself, I would go and do push-ups, or dumbbell presses not to get big or strong just because of the way it made me feel.

KY Evans: I felt like I could do anything, that I was free, that no one can judge me, and I was just chilling with myself. So when I woke up and said, yo, you better open up a book, bro. So I ended up getting a very high GPA and transferring to Indiana University. Who’s yours? Yeah, yeah! What’d you know, we’re one of the top five, we were top five sky science programs in the country at the time. I think we’re like the top two now.

KY Evans: I went and continued on studying philosophy, got into Exercise Science, my minor in ballet, and I minor in theater. So I started to really understand the difference between the science of biomechanics, physiology performance, and then the flow of art and expression and the beauty in the vulnerability of ballet and expression of theater and in philosophy, I just got hooked on Joseph Campbell. And I was saying I was all about that I do. So it took me five years and I graduated with those degrees and moved to New York because I’m not going home to Detroit, right? Because you’re like, No, I’m not gonna go back. It was like communism with my parents, man. I was like, I was locked in there, man. So I was like, I’m gonna go to New York. Yeah. So I moved to New York.

KY Evans: It was just a complete mess. It was like, let me let the dog out. Man. I was just a mess. I lasted three years, got in some trouble, and moved back home, my tail between my legs. What did my dad say? Well, I told you, you shouldn’t move to New York. I told you, you couldn’t do anything. You’re going to be able to be a dancer, you’ll be a theatre actor, or you’re going to be a big trader and none of that work. Get it. You know, parents, I got love them, but whatever, you can’t trade them in.

KY Evans: They’re yours. So I had a really humbling summer. Working with my dad, he taught me a lesson he said, You know, you’re going to school where you get your education, you’re gonna go out there and not mess around. He got me a job at a screw factory in Detroit. So with this great big 10 university education, and I was very blessed. My parents paid for my education. Now it’s really hard for some people, I was blessed that way. But he’s gonna show me the importance of being in this country. A work ethic. If you don’t want to use your education.

KY Evans: This is what you’re going to do. This is what I did when I came to this country. My parents came to the screw factory for the summer. Literally, dude, on Friday, I had the early shift at like 4am. Literally, my dad was at work there from the time and then he got me a job in one of the plants to teach me a lesson. So I’m getting to the fitness stuff, so you really fitness his life. And you know his fitness is so much more that’s the thing I teach coaches now is putting up a picnic away and putting it down means nothing now it’s anybody can do it.

KY Evans: What’s behind it? What are you trying to express? And what are you trying to give out to the world? What do you feel is so much more? So what happened was that summer is as fate would have it, there’s this big theatre company called the meter ladders, Joseph Mino. And they own all the theaters in the country. One of my cousins saw me so miserable. She was wanting to audition for this Tony and Tina’s wedding.

KY Evans: This plays a big part in my fitness career. And why I say all group theater needs to be dinner theater, all group fitness should be dinner theater. If you’re not connecting, let people respond back to you. You’re just yelling at them on your computer screen, you might as well stop doing what you’re doing. I have this big lecture on why group fitness needs to be dinner theater. So I ended up doing dinner theater ended up being this huge success. So Neil has a golden ticket to LA you’re going to be a Tony in LA and you all your dreams come true.

KY Evans: We all know that’s a bunch of BS. So I moved to LA, which I love the new Aladdin, but I moved there, and then we’re not going to the showdown here. I’m stuck and stuck with my dad again, “come home”. You know, I’m saying and now I’m like 27 drama going on. It’s not gonna happen. So believe it or not from the age of 21 to 27-28 was 2000 when the big you know, y2k was supposed to ruin the world. I was never I was in LA that that that month, but I moved there again, obviously. And I was so I basically started to live on my car.

KY Evans: Because I was in such a place of I’m never going to be good enough. I suck I’m not worthy of these degrees. I’m not worthy of my parents’ legacy and belief in me and LA is such a wasteland for lost souls and there have been LA to beautiful times a great city but I also call it the most heartbreaking city in America because there are so many lost dreams and hopes there. And I started to become part of that and I started getting the drinking and drugs and in the wrong crowd and you know that whole blaming everybody but yourself, you know?

KY Evans: I had a lot of ups and downs, and just to fast forward because this is what really did it for me. Um, I’ll never forget it was a week before Christmas and I couldn’t come home. I didn’t have money, my father stopped paying for college. I said you’re on your own, figure it out. Right. So I was on a week bender of drugs and alcohol. And I tell this story, every lecture I’ll get into a higher lecture studio all over the world. But I tell this story every time because I always say when you teach. You have to come from your why every time and you’ll never have a bad class.

KY Evans: If not, you won’t be connected to what you’re doing. I think we calculated how many classes have I taught now? Almost 15,000 group classes in my career and over 200,000 people or plus, and I never have a bad class because this one moment in my life changed my life forever. I was 34 so I really blew it- almost 28 to 34 was just just a blur.

KY Evans: I don’t even remember, Bro, like I was a mess. I was Robert Downey times ten cause I didn’t have any money. So I was like, yeah, definitely bail me out. No agents, no lawyers, I was a mess, right? So it was Christmas, the day before Christmas. I remember that day my cousin called me and he said, You know, we’re sad, you’re not coming home. I was high as a kite. And so he knew it. So he called my dad. And my dad called me that day. And it was the first time I heard his voice break.

KY Evans: Every time I tell the story. Um, he said, Son, we didn’t come to his country for you to end up like this. He started to break his voice broke. And he said, I want you to wake up, I want you to get up. And I want you to, I want you to make it happen. Their favorite saying was in America, you can make it happen. my whole childhood America, you can make it happen, make it happen, son make it happen. So he said it. And I walked to the I was living on the beach, I walked to Venice Beach. I put my hand in the ice-cold sand because it was December, and my feet did my shoes off and I held plank.

That’s why even when I teach plank, I get so emotional me. And I closed my eyes and what felt like six hours like I’ve held the longest like that long. My whole life. You know that moment your life just goes, you see everything from the day you were born to the bullying, to the failing out of school to finally getting in and getting ego, the breaking women’s hearts to getting your hearts broken.

KY Evans: All the shit you went through not putting up never be enough won’t be anything, da da da. Then I heard this word pop in my head poke my eyes open to store. And I figured it out. I want to spend the rest of my life giving people hope that if they’re brave enough to fail, if they’re brave enough to express themselves fully in front of others, they can be anything they want. What is fitness? You’re in a room full of strangers, you’re going to fail and make a fool of yourself, at times, in front of people you’ve never met. And when you leave you feel untouchable. So funny like that. When I made that there was just a universe.

KY Evans: It was literally like an overnight success. I met a girl. And she’s like, you gotta meet this guy’s doing this new kind of training on a variable tension machine. It’s weightlifting, sort of, but Pilates hybrid. And I’m like, you know what I trained all this I learned performance, I learn weight, they learn really Pilates. I learned yoga, I learned Tai Chi energy combat, nothing to satisfy me was creative enough.

KY Evans: Then I saw the machine. And I was like, I see what I’ve been searching for the art, the science, the intensity stuff in the room, so I can give it the theater that I love. Right? So she got me certified, and I’ll pass over this, got me certified and no one would hire me because I was so quiet and shy. It was only one studio at the time. So another year pass I got a job washing dishes because I was going to stay on this path. I was going to get a job I was gonna get a little studio bachelor apartment with a little toilet and a little hot date. And I’m just gonna frickin make it work because I have a focus now I’m going to give people hope no matter what it takes.

KY Evans: A year passes, Ring Ring Ring. Now there are three studios of this type of method only in the world only three right now up to this point it was worth 400. Now there’s probably more because there’s now there are different variations of the equipment, but other manufacturers, so who knows about that? 40,000. Anyways, long story short, I’ll never forget her voice, man. You know you feel that that voice that makes you go Yeah, I’m gonna be your best. I’m like, Yeah, well, social can’t work. Would you mind coming in at seven? And it was like, that was my Tom Brady come off the bench moment.

KY Evans: Yeah, I spent my whole life studying the science studying the search studying every possible every move ballet tap jazz, modern, studying theater, studying philosophy studying neuromuscular connection. And I blew it up and then I got my call. So this is a great story. And this is all for all you young goofiness coaches that freeze or feel that you can’t do it or you feel like people don’t, they don’t you don’t have anything to say to them. I’m telling you to have something to say you have a story to give them and they want to hear it.

So I get there and it’s LA so they were walking and they’re like, Who’s the new guy? You know, LA LA, you know? I love LA excuse my life, but anyway, I gotta call you out a little bit. So, um, and I like shivering. I’m just like, and because we’re Eastern European. My grandfather always told me you wear a suit to work, so you wear a suit. So I bought an Adidas tracksuit because in my mind that was assumed there was no fancy stuff.

KY Evans: There was no Underarmor it was like you know it was like this is a suit. So I walked in with my Run DMC, all black. I am here like down on my bed. Long ponytail. And I’m going to teach this kind of high-intensity hybrid Pilates thing. So everyone’s in there and your class is sold out because it was the day after Christmas. It wasn’t me. Let’s be honest. I can’t stand one of your trainers “come to my class”. No, yo, it’s their class, you happen to be guiding the heroes, which is your clients to that’s what I was telling me to teach us a lot in the GMA Academy is all about them being the guy and you close the hero.

KY Evans: And we’ve seen the shift now with all the online stuff. Do what I do, watch what I do. Look at me, man, your job isn’t to be looked at your job was to get the client to do what you want to do, man. So anyway, so I get in there. They’re all staring at me. I just start to share with voices. You know, again, you suck, you’re not ready. You’ll never do anything you might have on the Detroit blah, blah, blah. But you’re right.

You’re a mama’s boy, I close my eyes. And I remember that moment, that voice in my father’s voice when he said we didn’t come to this country. And Bro, I turned that volume fucking so loud excuse, my friend, sorry. so loud. I turned around opened my eyes, and it was literally 28 years of junk. I mean, it was literally and when I was done, you couldn’t hear a peep. And the lift method was born that you couldn’t hear a peep.

Steve Washuta: Or some would say you’re never done. And you’re still talking about this day. Yeah.

KY Evans: Yes, sir. So they walked out. And then we’ll get to cloud computing. This is important because we all have to have the key to group fitness is start opening a story you guys and closing story.

It’s a story. Now, you want to know how you bring back your brand, stopping a workout and making up story-making an experience. We’ll talk about that a little bit but the stock so I get in my car. Everyone leaves and does not work at me. I’m like, okay, then go home, I’m done, I’m done. I am basically I will shoot. I’m 34, I’m living in a bachelor apartment with a toilet in the middle of the room and a hot plate.

KY Evans: And I have a degree from this great university and I’ve come to southern New York. My dad or some Eastern Europeans do the right work for your family. Hey, so I get in my car. I haven’t had enough money for a car. It’s a little pickup truck. And the phone rings and it’s the owner. Hey, hi, God. Yes.

KY Evans: What did you do? You know, I just thought I do something different than no one ever did before what I vision of what I thought group fitness and this kind of workout could be she bosses she was I don’t know what you did. I don’t care what you did. How many classes do you want? Well, start you out of 50 bucks a class. Can you start tomorrow? And within two weeks lines out the door within a month Papa Razzi because once the worst part, then you get the actors and they said that then I got the Lakers. Then I opened my own brand with a partner, that didn’t work out and then I do another one that didn’t work out. Then I got the TV show. I’m gonna move to Austin and now I’m in Miami.

Steve Washuta: That’s is a story. Wow. Well, as far as fitness stories go, that is certainly the most unique that I’ve ever heard. But what I will say, I have a similar story and not so much in the trials and tribulations leading into it.

But just being fearful of doing something different, right, and being around people who are doing something one particular way. And then eventually, when you break that shell and when you’re working for yourself and your clients and not worried about the periphery, that’s when it comes together.

That’s when you start to really build a fitness business. Before we get into that, I just want to say the most frustrating thing for me now, during this pandemic, is not being around other really good group fitness class instructors and personal trainers like yourself, because that’s such that’s like such a part of the industry. It’s watching other people who are really good at what they do really passionate, not necessarily copying them, but just seeing Oh, that guy’s being himself. He’s being genuine.

He cares about his clients. He’s he is really pushing the limits and discovering something in himself and his clients and making something and that’s what drives at least that’s what drove me to become a better personal trainer and I almost feel bad for people now who can’t see that right because they’re only working either virtually or with clients. They can’t look around them and find a mentor like you.

KY Evans: Well that’s kind of why we started the group and is Ganymede, that’s a great segment. You’re good and we can get one of that but that’s the whole purpose of When I saw this shift, and here’s the thing like, I’m not gonna say, you know, I’m Mr. Kumbaya like there were moments in my career where Yeah, I’ve been over 50 magazines and I trained all these pro athletes my ego was huge and I believe my Kool-Aid but thank God both times my you got too big, I lost my business or something that my partner said you’re out and I respected that or you know, or like something went down to wake me up.

KY Evans: What that wake-up call was, for me was the next level from my level as far as group fitness. I think I literally went as high as you could go. But now I was waking up to go give back. Like when I got the NBC shows, you know, 10 best traders in the world 10 methods and blah, blah, blah, and it tanked right without a voice was supposed to be the new solo practice alone is huge. The next biggest loser and I thought this was it.

KY Evans: The universe tanked it for a reason not to teach me that my next step in life is to teach others before I boarded my ideas, I wanted my methods deadlifting under informer that what you’re doing right now, he says they’re only constantly training like like tempos intervals. And then I’m like, What am I doing my girl Jody and my business partner. She was like, baby, you don’t want to take this to your grave? You love coaches as much as your clients, why aren’t you giving them that same love? And I went, oh my god. So when we moved to Austin, I moved to Austin to start a brand that was supposed to be worldwide.

KY Evans: That was the deal. It didn’t work out again, a partnership fell apart, whatever it happens, right. And I have nothing but positive things to say about that brand. And I wish them well and it just didn’t fit, you know. So we were stuck in Austin I lost my guaranteed contract that was just stopped. And here I am in Austin, I left la where I was, you know, the guy and all my clients in the gyms and now I’m here. So, my partner Jody goes, yo, why don’t we start traveling and you can get into like this, like this kind of like, you know, like Tony Robbins meets, like, you know, like NASL meets, you know, like this whole kind of full for just for group fitness. You know, I always say the riches are in the niches.

So I was focusing just on the machine-based world, which is what brought me to all my success, right? So, um, that was the key was like, like, this is a profession and I think now with the online stuff, they’ll kind of those trainers or they’ll their intentions are right, I think they’re missing the boat, you have to break the fourth wall now more than ever, you have to really seals client is not usually on your back, don’t hit bridges for 20 minutes and ask them for money. You know, it’s really trying to use the camera. So you can even tell more stories and connect like we are there while you’re training.

KY Evans: We developed this course called the Enter train meant project going from trainer to enter trainer, right? So using all these ideas of philosophy and alter ego, and, and, and yeah, Shakespeare and, and then matching it with, you know, group fitness, and then you know, understanding all that, you know, we’re also credited by NSM as an alpha. We’re at accredited courses. I love them, I just actually did their optimal thing this year. So I love it, I got to present it there.

So I love they’re the best of the best and surround yourself with the best. But that was my biggest issue was when the COVID hit. I was everyone ran online, which the smart I get it. But you weren’t changing anything. You were just doing what you do in your bedroom- just doing movements. And that’s why the peloton moves in. That’s where it comes in. And that’s why the other one, the mirror, is picking our assets because they’re creating an experience. And you can do that if you just think as you said differently. Right?

Steve Washuta: Yeah, that’s exactly right. And I use the term creating a high-value experience. When I in my Fitness Business 101 on one book, when you work with clients, it’s an experience, they’re not just paying you for the information, they can find the information elsewhere, you have to create the experience and the connection in that particular session. And that will last you forever.

You can have five or six or seven clients, right? Whether your personal training or whether you’re a group fitness, and that can make your whole career if you’re just trying to make a buy, right, you don’t need a million clients. If you’re doing it right. They will stick with you forever. And they will spread word of mouth to everybody else and you will make enough money you have to work on yourself and become a better grip instructor first before your goal is just to run out and get clients because you’re gonna lose them. You’re not going to know what to do. 

KY Evans:100 %. I couldn’t I couldn’t agree more. I think you know, we always say it’s not a workout. It’s an experience. And at the end of the day, it’s not what you do, or how you do it. But why do you do it and then how do you make them feel what they’re going to remember? Great workout bad workout sore, not sore that comes in gold depending on diet and rest. Let’s be honest, let’s really strip it down.

There are three plans of action right there. There are three types of contractions right? And then that’s pretty much it. So stop thinking you’re so special. The client is special, the room is special, what you’re doing for the world is special. You’re bringing strangers together and saying, hey, let’s suffer together.

KY Evans: Let’s be honest, CrossFit. I did that in high school. It’s calisthenics, with Olympic lifting and for push-ups, but what was it he made people suffer together? It was really it, right? SoulCycle same thing, we gave you 50 things in room bikes in a room and said, we’re gonna tap into your, into your inner self, because we know when you exert yourself, you’re open to that, and we’re gonna meditate x, you mean, come on, it’s just bidding, the bike hasn’t changed in 50 years, you guys wake up all your fitness people out there, people need people, don’t worry about the camera, you can have this in your business do Truly fit.

But we’re going to be back in the gyms and the ones that create the story loop that creates this experience are the brands that are going to change the game and the rest of it. Stuck online businesses stop wondering why they’re still alive. Because Yeah, as human beings, we need each other. Now I don’t care once the vaccine, all this stuff is done. We’re rushing out. Yeah,

Steve Washuta: I listen, I’m with you. And that’s a big, you know, this is another conversation for another day. But you know, the whole certification thing is quite annoying at this point. Because you have all these people, I mean, you can basically be certified in 24 hours for something, right? And you have all these people who then tell you that they’re certified and they’re ready to train. It’s like, are you though? I mean, there’s no shattering process you like, what exactly are you bringing to the table outside of book knowledge, because that is 1/10 of what you’re going to need to run a good session.

And I think that’s, it’s lost, it’s really lost amongst the young trainers. And I’ve interviewed people before, who came in, and their resume looked like something that I could never accomplish, right, I’m talking two different master’s degrees, kinesiology, sports medicine, they had 12 different certifications, it must have cost them like their life savings to get these certifications. But I put them through a practical and had them walk through you know, a 20-minute teawares fitness class. And it was horrible, right?

They do it, your resume needs to take a backseat to your actual real-world experience. If you’re a young trainer, and you need to find a mentor, and you need to shadow and you need to find your voice much like you did, right? Find what your voice is, and then pair that with your skillset. You don’t need to not everyone is going to be high, right? Not everyone’s going to be at a 10. And but they need to find what works for them and develop that and do it slowly. Because if you’re going to go from zero clients to 100 clients, you’re going to lose all 100 clients because you don’t know who you are yet.

KY Evans: I couldn’t agree more like when I was in my what I got to know was Oh, yeah, and ask them to turn it on that level that I love all that what they’re doing. And that’s the thing, like, why is it and maybe you can because you’re really really smart dude, man, why is it that if you go to become a lawyer, you got to go to law school on top of your undergrad, and then you got to take an exam.

KY Evans: And then it’s still a practice when you go to become a doctor, you got to go to undergrad, you got to go to med school. That’s a practice. But you can take a two-hour certification online, and you’re a professional trainer. And there’s anybody come up with a certification. But like 99% of the methods in America today aren’t backed with any credentials. Thank god NSF is here to say these are the ones you need to be with, you know, they’re actually accredited, but you can just open up a gym and go it’s the john method and just starts selling people’s certifications. Like why can’t there be anybody that regulates this?

Steve Washuta: Yeah, I mean, you know, there’s a part of me that doesn’t like regulation, but for this instance, there, it’s too decentralized, right? You have all these people making up certifications going around. I see them every day. Now. I saw somebody yesterday, who had who just basically made up some sort of yoga certification completely made it up, right.

They think they had one year of experience. And then they called it basically like the Joanne yoga experience, right. And she made up a yoga certification. So it’s like, people will then pay $800 to learn her way. And then they’ll tell everyone else they’re certified, but it’s like, the general public is delta disservice because they don’t know what is good and what is not. Right. They don’t know the difference between somebody who just got there, whatever, I SSA and spa and they don’t know. So I’m with you.

They should Yeah, it somehow all come together, there should be a little bit more regulation, or, or regardless of which certification you get, you should have to have, let’s say 100 shadowing hours, indifferent sort of things, right. So like, imagine somebody had, you know, 20 shadowing hours in group fitness, and then they had 20 in personal training, and then they had 20, specifically in yoga and 20, specifically in Pilates, whatever, right? And they had a little bit everywhere that would allow them to at least know you have a baseline understanding of what’s going on in the industry, but I don’t know who would enforce that. So

KY Evans: Yeah, exactly right. You know, right now, everyone has a title. They’re open to business and health and wellness. I mean, that’s what they do. But I think that’s why I love, you know, with the way we built the GFA Academy, the courses we started, the first course is entertainment project is all about teaching you how to find your superhero, and teach group fitness because that’s the biggest issue with personal training is kind of easy, right? Not easy, but I mean, you just got to go up to somebody, it’s one on one, but to literally captivate a group.

KY Evans: And in my world, you have 15 different gyms going at the same time and on the floor. So you have all these different levels and these machines are moving that they fall to crack your head open. You have to captivate the audience, you have to know your choreography, you have to know how to work the room, you have to know where to stand, you have to know your science. We created this first for you to even get to my if you’re interested in my lift method certification to learn my low impact functional training on spring base equipment spring coming back. Sorry.

KY Evans: You have to first learn how to teach it my way because you’re not going to be grand and tell stories. And I’m not interested in teaching you my method. And I’m not gonna say because it has to be delivered a certain way. Like, don’t deliver me a pizza, I want you when I go to New York, I want you to go on the door in the air, I want it to be a show. Don’t just be like, you know, put in the microwave and throw a slice at me. Right. And so that’s what we that’s our first course and the second course we do.

And that actually applies to any billing modality if we don’t really get into the spring work till you get to the lift, sir. Right now just how to really find your superhero and cat. We call it brand watch clients.

KY Evans: And here’s a big one. I’m sure you know about Yo, yo, wake up, you’re not a muscle, you’re not muscles, you’re a brand. Who are you? Like, what is your Why? What are you trying to do as a brand? Like stop thinking of yourself as someone who’s fit, I tell people to forget fit. Like, I don’t care how to fit you are.

KY Evans: Right? Like we can make it I can make you fit when I used to be on when I used to work with all the actors, like the agent would tell me we can teach you how to act just get a fit, right? pay my money to get a van and not offend anyone and Oscar. Right? So it’s like the coach, especially in a group, you guys stop teaching group like you’re, you’re doing one on ones in front of a zoom meeting or private personal training.

It’s a totally different muscle. Do you know what I mean? It’s like, Olympic lifting is totally different than powerlifting. Right? One has, you know, the one is strength and one is about, you know, the climate bottom up the Mona Lisa. totally different. It’s heavy. Its barbells are the same. But you know, squat deadlift and bench press are much different than a clean jerk. You know, it’s a totally different application.

Steve Washuta: Yeah, I mean I’m with you, I think group fitness is much harder than personal training. It’s, it’s weird because if you go to a facility, a lot of times you’ll get paid more to personal train. So if you’re, if you’re between one or the other, and you have both, you’re like, Well, why would I go into that class that has 20 people inevitably, maybe 19 will like it, but if one of them doesn’t, they’re going to complain.

And then I can just go work with this one person over here. And they’re going to give me 20 more dollars an hour or something. So group fitness, but brings a different element. because number one, you need it, you need the energy to run a group fitness class, but you don’t need all of that energy to run a personal training. But obviously, that the scalability now is more, right. So if you have 20 people in your class, and you’re charging them each $20, that is a lot of money, right? You’re not going to be able to charge a personal training session for $400. So that’s where that money component comes in. And which makes it better. But I want to get to the lift method. But first, I want to give you my background.

Yeah, sorry. So, when I first started in the industry, I had a certification didn’t really know what I was doing. Went to a gym, actually, I handed my resume out for like every gym in town. And one lady gave me a callback and she’s like, Listen, you can work here, but you have to shadow Pilates for five hours a day for six months. And I was like, okay, like I know their option. So I shadowed her and the reformer and her work on the reformer every day Lego Cadillac was it? It was a Cadillac. Yeah, everyone. Yeah, it was hard to teach on man.

It was a peak Pilates, sort of like older wooden it had like leather straps. Right? So it had the leather straps were like, if you tried to if you need to, like change the, like, the arms or the legs underneath, you would actually have to like, like, undo a screw cat. And then it was like a belt underneath, right? You’d have to like move the leather strap underneath and then re-screw the cat fan. So but it was sort of like the catalyst to the rest of my fitness career because I learned a different way to look at things before Okay, I always been a bro beforehand, right? Just lifted weights and now I saw a totally different way of doing things.

And then what I did Which is, which is going to lead to you now is for the rest of my fitness career. I use the reformer to help my clients. I didn’t I didn’t do classical Pilates, right. I’m not snapping my fingers. I’m not cueing you on every movement. I am not telling you, you need to have your ribs imprinted all the time.

Like I’m using it how I think I need to use the diaphragm. Yeah, exactly. I’m not, I’m not throwing the diaphragm diaphragmatic breathing down your breath all the time, I’m going to use it how I need to, and sometimes that was using it with 73-year-old clients who had, you know, knee replacements, and all I want to do is put them supine and press back and forth. Because that’s it was easier, right? And having that spring load of tension is much easier than having them squat in any other way.

And sometimes I had, you know, my best athletes or my 26-year-old moms who were in fantastic shape on they’re doing the hardest exercises imaginable that I couldn’t replicate any other way, except on the reformer, but people in that blondies room looked at me like I’m crazy. What is this guy doing? How is he not just doing like classical Pilates so when I saw your videos I said this was amazing.

I’m so glad somebody finally did this in a way that uses the machine in every manner possible right? If you’re not limited if you think of something and you say this is what we want to do today on here because I believe this is going to be best for my client you’re going to do it so lead us into your lift method now that’s a great man that’s I’m first of all I’m proud of you man. I’m really I really liked you.

KY Evans: All you all the young coaches and trainers out there remember if it’s a band a kettlebell a barbell bodyweight, TRS x, reformer, x former, whatever it is, it’s still adjust the tool. It’s the body’s the machine and the client is what you’re trying to guide. It’s just a tool. And I love people who are like, well, it’s a car. Well, how many options do you have in your car? I don’t care. Does it get you from A to B? Yeah, we are good right. So lift. So lift started, because I got certified by the originator of that kind of high-intensity Pilates world. And from him, he created a megaphone right from him. There’s a solid Corps, there are always other spin-offs. But when I after I met him, he was still very Pilates based in his mind thinking.

KY Evans: And I was so into performance functional, were because of my modern dance and my ballet and you know, all this stuff. I was like, Yo, man, I’m gonna go So after I broke and got all the press and everything, I had a client open a gym with me in Marina Del Rey. And that’s what really launched me to, you know, pro athletes and movie stars and TV and stuff. And that’s when I really started to take apart every single move at the gym and realize that all this is a Total Gym. It’s Chuck Norris, the Chuck Norris Total Gym with way, heavier springs, a way bigger carriage, and it’s much smoother. So there’s zero impact on any of the body or friction in the movement.

And it was all steel. So I started to understand like, then I started when I got my, my CrossFit certifications because if you’re a trainer and you judge any method, you’re losing out like I want to, I heard I can’t do cross I get my ass kicked all your crossfitters You’re incredible. Much love. I don’t like it. But I love the sequencing. I love the patterns. I love what he’s putting together and getting it names and things.

KY Evans: And so that I started to do the same stuff on the X former this hybrid super machine, right. I started to see results in you know, interval timing patterns 10 by 10s. This is all the stuff the bata stuff on a and then I started to realize you probably figured this out. In this realm on variable tension, you can actually really focus on E centric loading because it does off the back, you can either go let’s use bands, the gym, concentrate, bloating, double-time, remember the front of the gym, you have three gyms and one the way these are made, now you have a separate loading off the back pulling against you, as you’re moving, you’re always off the machine.

KY Evans: So you’re always having to work your proprioception all the time. And it’s all about either fast or slow rate of force, which you can’t do with the gym, you just try to rip it out all the time. And if you’re going slow, right? You’re not really having anything unless you do the bandwidth change, right? That’s different, but still, a real thing a real spring is much more interesting on the muscle than a band or a chain in my opinion because we can create so much more tension. So I started to create lit and then people were like they were going to because like like the grind that on the show had number one transformation size 12 to a size two, nobody jumping or lifting.

Steve Washuta: Wow.

KY Evans: And her performance went from bottom eight to number one. Of course, they didn’t tell me I had to perform to so I got my ass kicked. And you’re missing strong guys. I suck. I know. But I was the best coach. I was just the worst athlete that’s all. But so what so when we moved to Austin and then we you know, we started coaching because people were calling me up going I’m not happy with this Pilates. People like you and me.

They put their life savings and buy into it. Went to a license or a franchise and then go figure it out. And then they would know what to do. So they teach Pilates. So you’re buying a machine that’s 10 $12,000 not too. And then you’re paying a fee to franchise or license, and then they’re gonna, you’re gonna figure it out. So people are like, I want to know what that crazy guy did on NBC that workout that’s like, it’s hard as CrossFit but no impact.

KY Evans: So they were calling me up and say, Hey, would you come to teach us your method? And Jodi’s like, Well, why don’t we? So as I started writing everything down, you know, I was like, Okay, let’s just create, let’s create it. And then, you know, and then I approached an ASM and they were like, yeah, we love this stuff. We’ll give you the CPUs. And so then we started lecturing Genesis, and we started licensing my method to gyms, because I’m not saying it’s better in Pilates, but I’m saying, Don’t you want to add that? Like you said, you do weights, but you also learn Pilates? If you’re blind. Why don’t you learn lift to what’s the big deal have more, but this ego Pilates has this air? It’s not traditional. It’s not traditional. In today’s world, what the hell is traditional?

Steve Washuta: Yeah, now I’m with you. It’s, it’s, uh, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel as obviously you have to. So yeah, that style just doesn’t fit me. But it doesn’t also make sense for the clients. It’s like, Wait, you’re telling me because this wasn’t taught in classical Pilates that I can’t use the reformer to do this. If I know for a fact that safe and enjoy it? Yeah, I’m gonna do it like this. I do.

So yeah, I, I’m with you, I actually, you know, now thinking back to, to those days of using the reformer because I haven’t used it in probably a year and a half just because of you know, how life changed and more about businesses online. I don’t work with anyone during the reformer. But thinking back to those days being in a room with those other trainers, I still think even if they saw you, and what you were doing, they would be hesitant to switch over, because they’re just, they’re just dyed in the wool for life, classical Pilates.

KY Evans: Yeah. Even when I showed them statistics. Now, let me finish this thought and I’ll give you this idea. But so so we started to coach coaches, how to teach, like I teach, and then the method and so that we have 10 tends to use all over the world. And you want to keep it small, we’re not trying to be but you know, I’m really kind of mentoring these studios with this way of training.

KY Evans: They saw huge successes like they tripled everything, like when I’m going to shift over from traditional to this, right. And then COVID hit and they all got shut down. So then the one we coached in New York called form 50, he called us up and said, hey, what would it take for you to move from Austin to Miami, come out of retirement and teach again. And I went, wow, I’m in Austin, I can’t travel anymore, I can’t go visit all my gyms and it was 10 gyms that we were coaching and mentoring and in my head of licenses with, so I’m like, we’ll do it. So we moved down to Miami three months ago.

KY Evans: And I’m back teaching and I’m evolving the entire economics, I’m in the trenches, we have a new customized machine with double the tension springs and any other machine on the planet. So it’s really like I can be like five 600 pounds of raw variable tension. Now, the machines are longer so we have a longer pole. It’s crazy what we’re doing now. And so I’m back teaching again. And what’s funny is now all the signs are coming out on how variable tension you see it on the gym chains bands on top of the bars. How that is that we’ve known, we now know that the body and its strongest range can have seven times your body weight.

KY Evans: So literally, you’re underloading in the gym, you’re living under your potential which goes against my why right, I want you to live your potential. So the idea is if the joints are safe with variable tension right, in adjusting your weakest point, that’s going to change it to the strongest point, we can truly get the adaptation that you truly deserve and need to burn the calories and get the muscle performance that you want.

KY Evans: Then you add in the super slow movements first explosive because no one’s doing fast which I am because there’s been just so heavy you can and it’s like changing people’s whole neuromuscular connection and then you’re bouncing all-time Yeah, I have a machine that looks like I’m doing and then we’re finding is that now they go and lift weights because I get I love everything I’m like go lift weights, go do Pilates go CrossFit their performance and now it’s out there are actually studies that show this now is that NFL players have been in baseball players in NBA players that your overall performance because of the battle tension you’re recruiting so much more than when you go do static weights. It’s like an exponential stronger game.

Steve Washuta: It’s crazy. I believe it and as somebody who’s used that who’s used variable tension and really liked it. It’s not only the variable tension, which is one of the main if not the main component but just the equipment itself. There’s nothing you can’t do about it. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t do about it.

I would say if you were to tell me right now box me in and say you have one piece of equipment to use and you have to train clients for the rest of your life. I may pick that because I just know for a fact that I won’t be missing anything, I can do rotational I can do a lunge movement, I can do squat movements, I can do push, I can do pull, I can do hinge, I can combine those movements. And at the same time, I can get your heart rate up. So,

KY Evans: your rates of force to which you know, when you’re on the floor, you only have one rate, you know, as fast as you can, you can kind of go slow, but there’s no need, there’s no loading, right? So you can’t really, you know, you know when you do the legit on the machine, and you go super slow off the back, that’s what you really get that that pump, that posterior chain, just lighting up the real glue, not your claws, you’re not working your glutes, your quads, and honestly, I’m telling you to stop squatting.

KY Evans: But like, you know, that RDL, that feeling of the RDL, right that spring, um, and this is why so when I when we came out here, then we didn’t do any advertising, we just kind of opened. And we’ve got out, I’ve got more physique, competitors, and bodybuilders in my class now than I ever have, because they really understand this mind-muscle connection. The benefit of keeping your joints saved your joints safe and really getting that deep hypertrophy that they really long for.

KY Evans: And they’re finding out that when they go lift their weights, that they’re just seeing a huge improvement. So literally, it’s becoming like the muscle of Miami Beach class now Jesus ATM. And it’s like walk-in I mean, like, just like it is all women to these women because they really are in tune with the flow more than men bodybuilders have really flowed. But Arnold did ballet, for people forget that. Like, they don’t realize why he was so great.

He studied ballet, he studied Shakespeare, like then they can’t figure out why there’s never been another auto because everyone went one way. If you understood the Yang and the Yin, right, so the class in Miami is called home for independence in Miami, I am teaching five days a week, I’m evolving the method.

KY Evans: The cert is now official, we’re doing the cert. And it’s just been amazing to teach again, after four years of teaching owners and coaches which is still do I still we still have owners in our inner circle. Right now we’re getting ready to do some Texas and some of Ohio.

But to be back and have a lab again, you know, you know you don’t talk about having a lab again, with people that want to go hard as shit in Miami, it’s a different mentality, there’s no, this is too heavy, it’s like, that’s all you got. It’s a different kind of culture out here because they are so fierce here. And they’re so thinking outside the box, they want something different, you know, they’re not looking for the cool workout looking for the one that’s going to really be different and give them the edge, you know, talking about

Steve Washuta: my sister lives in South Beach. And so I was down there, you know, pre-pandemic, I’ve been down there since but I was down there pre-pandemic and took a fitness class. I’m not gonna say the name of it now. You know, I’ll tell you off-camera. But yeah, it was actually awesome. It was an awesome concept. It was a concept that I’d never thought of in group fitness. And I was going to replicate that just in a much better way.

Right? just you know, that’s, that’s what we do we see things we like and say like, how can I fix two or three different things and make it a little bit better. But you know, the pandemic hit. And the business model really is only like, a volume thing, right? You need, you need hundreds of people coming through that door on a weekly basis. And that’s just that’s hard right now. Maybe it was. So it’s on the back burner, but it’s still something I want to do. because like you said, I miss being in the lab, I miss being around the people I miss being under the gun, I miss tweaking things, and I miss showing people that we’re gonna make this creative every day. And we’re gonna make this enjoyable because you just, you don’t get that through the computer, unfortunately,

KY Evans: where can you what profession and this is to all y’all out there who are thinking about becoming group as instructors or personal trainers or strength coaches, because we teach, it’s all the same to me, it’s all the same to me, it’s all the same? Where can you do a profession where you get to go to work every day, and connect with 15 2030 4050 strangers, and make them feel like they matter? That’s why, you know, I got what I popped big. They were like, why don’t you just do you know, like with some of the peers that I came up with, you know, like, why he’s doing you know, $500 a session and personal training because that’s not what got me here.

KY Evans: That’s not what saved my life. It was the idea that anybody could come into this room and realize their superpower, and I can help them find that. And to this day, it’s why don’t have a bet why I’m 49 I’ll probably teach well for 20 years before I stop, because there’s always one person that you never know who you’re going to reach in that class. And you do because you’re just focused so much on giving, giving, giving. I think with the COVID and the pandemic.

That’s why we created the gfa Academy for all you trainers and fitness coaches out there to start thinking differently about your equipment, about the room, and about the client and the experience. It’s a story you got to tell a story, man, like you and I, today we’re telling stories. I’m not telling you about how many how much I can leave or all my degrees or how many magazines gives up is two guys who want to change the world through movement telling stories. That’s the future of the fitness period.

Steve Washuta: I’m with you. And that’s, that’s my goal. That’s why I wrote Fitness Business 101. And again, the subject, can you send me a copy of it? I love to read it. Of course. Yeah. And the subtitle is, what the certifications don’t teach you. And really, that’s what the book is about. It’s about it’s not just the certifications, you need to understand how to work with people you to understand yourself, and who you are, and what features that you are going to best use to then ignite your business and ignite your personality.

Because, you know, maybe, if you’re just if you’re somebody who is what I call like a direct teacher, you’re your genius, right? You can look at the body, you’re an anatomical sleuth, you can say, Oh, this is often that’s off, you know, maybe Griffin, this isn’t for you, like me, you know, maybe you should be a physical therapist. Right? Because you you have to bring another level of personality when you do these things. And unless you know that, then then you’re setting yourself back. Because there are client relations is always more important than whatever education you have, you know,

KY Evans: We always get what up when we do, we used to do the in-person studios. Now we do it online, obviously, until we get back in there. But one of the things we do with all the coaches is we tell them, like, there’s an alter ego and every single one of us and you’re drawn to this because your Alter Ego may not be showing right now you may be a dud.

But the fact that your pet you want to do this, and my job as your coach is to figure out where that person is bringing out of you. And then every time you teach, you put her on and you put him on, and then you can go back to whoever I’m like, you know, I’m the same way. Like when I step in, I do a few I say I still to this day. I say how I close my eyes. And then I hear my dad’s voice I say hope and I turn around I teach 200,000 people later and all these classes later. Glass. Oh, good. And today’s class is a good one. So chip goes wrong, man! and like I forgot about this book.

KY Evans: So you guys, you gotta love the imperfection of what it is. You’re not supposed to be perfect. The abs. Yeah, be fit. You should look at the part. But please be human. What draws us to people think about actors, the ones that are most fucked up. But the ones we love because they’re human. Why did reality TV destroy the film industry? Because we saw real people messed up. Same thing as with group fitness.

The brand that starts to show less of the Super Trainer isn’t much on the best. I have all this pedigree and people were just trying to figure life out and communicated to tell stories. And things go wrong. It’s okay. Because today, for example, my voice went out. So I’m doing this promo on you better promo on fast. No, it’s so hard, man. Y’all I love to prolong it takes to take two years off your internal life. I understand all this shit. But I like 3000 calories a day. I just do. And this like 500 calories a day soups and teas is not my jam.

KY Evans: So my voice went out this morning at 6am. Without right so now class. Right? So what did I do? I just started making jokes like that for like 20 minutes I was cracking jokes, you know, and how to use my hands and made them, and then my voice came back and the music and sound without any gym. Now, you know, this kind of training is very expensive. It’s not like it’s you know, not a $10 you know, so you know what, and so what they’re doing is they’re seeing Christmas carols. And guess what we were in friggin Woodman February sweating, shaken, you know, twitching. I’m singing Jingle Bells without like this, like imperfection, embrace it, embrace the font, embrace people and be human.

KY Evans: That’s I believe in the next prototype to the culture, the new coach is going to be the one that is more about being human and less about being perfect. I think that was very magnesium 2000s when the clock is crossed, when people are beautiful, like look at their unbelievable, like their bodies are sick. Yeah. But that’s very true. I really think this is the rise of people really understanding that’s about people being roomed together because that’s a big fear right now we’re afraid to get back around people.

Steve Washuta: And I’ll answer that even more. Because everyone’s working from home now. So you’re missing that human connection and components. So you’d want to go see people right so I’ve never wanted more. When people usually when people call me and my wife and I like hey, you want to go get whatever glass of wine or you want to go get dinner I’m like now, after a long day of work if you if I taught for trs classes that each had 30 People in it and then I had six clients after that, do you think I want to go see people? No.

But now, now I can’t wait to go see people, right? So, so many people are sitting home, they’re working from home, they’re at their computers. And they’re one hour out at that group fitness class is maybe the only time they’re interacting with people. So not only do you better be good, right? And the class better be worth it for the instructor talking to the instructor but you be ready because people are going to come out of the woodwork, they’re gonna want to train.

KY Evans: Yeah, don’t go Don’t be. Don’t go to your group fitness class as an instructor or coach. And then do it like you’re doing the camera work. Get in there, have your mask up, whatever the rules haven’t followed the guidelines. But get in there. They’re dying for correction. They’re dying to be looked at. You’re dying to smile that they’re dying for it. And when you do that, like literally, I’m sold out on there’s no advertising in two months.

KY Evans: My street cred is like through the roof. And I haven’t done anything yet. You know, I’ve been told I mean, I’ve noticed that I’m back teaching him because obviously fitness has been so close. I want to do a download, you know, so it was like, Yeah, I mean, like, I haven’t even started telling people I’m back teaching again. So it’s like, but I literally they walk in I’m right at them. Welcome. Oh my god. Thank you. Like Tony, tell me about you like like, Yo guys, they want a place to feel welcome in and belong. That’s all a good fit. For me. It was a place fitness is it was my place where I felt the truest to myself failing.

KY Evans: When I got into the world, I couldn’t fail. I was too afraid to wintry. I’d rather not do it. I just do drugs. Because easier was easier. get high white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white life, my Ph.D. when I can’t get off or why you know why to try this job would do that job away. Oh, no, I’ll just get high. better, easier. But then when I was a lifter, runner, I’m old school. I like the Stairmaster to do my Stairmaster, you know, like, like, I’m like

Steve Washuta: I think it’s the most underrated cardio equipment. If it wasn’t so big. I would have a Stairmaster in my house. It’s just too big. But I think I love it. I much rather use a Stairmaster than use an elliptical, hell all day. And no, I mean, Stairmaster to me is if you’re going to use the term like free-motion essentially as right I mean, I’m only going in one direction, but at least my legs are not guided by, you know, by biomechanics, right. I’m moving my legs in the same fashion that I would move my own legs. So

KY Evans: yeah, in life when you’re walking upstairs, right? We do it all the time. So it’s like how many people kept walking upstairs these days was like, come on, man. It’s like Shane. Let’s go over your femur. Yeah, man. What else can I tell you? Are we good? 

Steve Washuta: No, I think yeah, I think we’re a good man. This has been a plethora of information, awesome stuff. We went over your background, we have the lift method. We went over a little bit about your school. But now I want you to plug all that stuff. Tell everybody from young trainers, because that’s the people who I’m really trying to reach. Tell everyone from young trainers how they can get to your Academy, but then go the other route and let you know the client or consumers know where they can find you. Awesome.

KY Evans: Oh, man. All right. To see this was amazing. So I want to thank you and all your listeners and everybody out there. If you are a coach. If you’re thinking about becoming a coach, Coach me and coach trainer, whatever group fitness personal trainer, this is an opportunity likely whether our business has been flatlined.

And that’s a good thing because now you have the opportunity to create whatever you want. And so because of that we created the group fitness Academy, and you can go to that and go to my website Chi Evans comm ky eta s calm, and we have courses to help you truly find your superpower as a coach as a group fitness instructor. If you are into spring-based training, I’m officially now releasing my certification called the lift method is basically taking performance training, CrossFit type stuff functional training, and putting it into a spring-based machine so there’s no impact.

KY Evans: So instead of bringing too many calories, you’re burning seven 800 calories instead of lying on your back, you’re doing deadlifts and RDL is against variable tension while you’re balancing to increase your overall neuromuscular connection. It’s all these crazy ideas it’s changing the world’s what I use on the strong show that change Brittany from size to size to nobody jumping or lifting. And last but not least, if you’re close to Miami, you better all come see me mentioned Julie fit, I’ll buy your class. Oh, okay. I will buy your class. If you follow me on Instagram, the real Arielle Kai Evans, follow me on Instagram.

Tell me you saw this, send me a message, and if you come to Miami, I’m now headlining and I’m back teaching after four years of retiring and only working with owners and coaches. I’m back teaching the public in Miami in Midtown at fortune 50 Fitness calm Oh, and I also I’m also licensing my live method to all spring-based studios out there.

KY Evans: So I will do all the programming for you, I will teach you how we do how we change the movement patterns and the movements on the machine. So if you have a spring-based machine and want to add this to your already traditional, traditional methods, like we can license the license to you, we can do the programming. We can train the staff, everything we do it all man because I really think variable tension is the future. And I think group fitness is going to save the world because it’s what we need our express ourselves around people.

Steve Washuta: Awesome information and energy from KY. I will have all that information listed underneath the podcast so you can find the links and click directly to any of chi stuff Chi. Thanks again. And I hope everyone was taking notes there.

KY Evans: If you’re not Trulyfit, but become Trulyfit. I’ll be watching y’all. Thanks, Steve. You’re amazing.

Steve Washuta: Thanks for joining us on the Trulyfit podcast. Please subscribe, rate, and review on your listening platform. Feel free to email us as we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again!


YOUTUBE VIDEO: Celebrity Trainer Ky Evans: Group Fitness Returns! + L.I.F.T Method with Ky Evans



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