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TrulyFit – Steve Washuta

Guest: Steve Washuta

Podcast Release Date: 5/27/2021

Welcome to Trulyfit the online fitness marketplace connecting pros and clients through unique fitness business software. 

Steve Washuta:  Welcome to the show podcast. I’m your host, Steve Washuta. co-founder of Trulyfit, and author of Fitness Business 101. What is the TrulyFit? I’ve been asked that a lot lately. TrulyFit has a three-pronged approach. We are a blog, we are a podcast, and we are a fitness business platform.

What the heck does that mean Steve? The fitness business platform is our software, the website, and the phone applications soon to be. Neither of these are completely launched yet. But I’m gonna work backward, start talking about the fitness business platform, then I’ll talk about the podcast and the blog.

So first, the platform was made with personal trainers in mind. You can be a business, like Bob’s gym, and use it. But really what we cater to is individual personal trainers. How does this work, they sign up on the website for free, they create a bio and a page. They then host their individual personal schedules on the page.

So if your name is Susie Johnson, and you run virtual classes, and or on-site classes, maybe you have some sort of outdoor boot camp or you work at a local gym, you can host your whole schedule on there like a mind-body or a schedulicity, and people can come to find you and sign up and pay for it. You set your own prices. It’s a free market, but you set it through site credits. Well, how does that work?

Essentially, the clients pay the website money to come on. They’re the ones paying, not you, the pro. They pay to come on the site and find you. They buy site credits, you set your particular service, whatever that is virtual personal training on-site group classes for the credits that you deem worthwhile for your class one, credit this $10. So maybe you do a zoom book class, and you charge two credits, which is $20 per person.

The client then purchases the class and then we send you the money. We take a small percentage of that. So essentially, we do all your advertising, we do the marketing, we host the website, we run all these things. All you do is list all your stuff up there, and voila, you get clients.

Now, if it’s a virtual class, you could host it directly through the site via zoom links. So anybody who signs up will get sent zoom links, private to your class. We also have a workout builder completely for free for any of the clients that you’re working with. via our site, you have our workout builder, it’s a fantastic workout builder. I’ve been trialing it now for four weeks. I absolutely love it. It’s my favorite workout builder.

So you’re getting a free workout builder, you’re getting a bio page, you’re getting free advertising, you’re getting a place where you can host both your virtual schedule and your on-site schedule if you have both. That is just part of it. Because really, why Trulyfit stands out. It is a combination again of a thumbtack, and, and trainer’s eyes, and mind-body and because of policy, but it’s for free. But why I believe we are going to be a notch above the rest is because we are going to continually innovate and update and upgrade. Because I, through the podcast, have the luxury of having everyone’s ear in the industry.

So I get to reach out to people and people get to reach out to me, if you ever want to do that social at Trulyfit dot app, reach out for anything, feel free to send me an email. But I have the ear of everyone in the industry and they have my ear. So I know what people want. I know what needs to be done. So we’re going to continually upgrade based on you know, strategic two-way communication.

When the fitness industry teachers and leaders who listen to this podcast say “Hey, Steve, this is what needs to be done. This is going to make the platform better”, we’ll do it, right? It might take a little time, but we will upgrade our features purely based on what our users need. That’s not what every platform is doing right now.

There’s a lot of complaints about these platforms and how they run. They run it how they see fit., and that’s not us, right? What we’re not asking for any money. We’re just asking for you guys to be honest with us and give us strategic feedback so we can make this platform better. Now, on to the podcast.

The podcast is an extension of my book, I wrote a book called Fitness Business 101, what the certifications don’t teach you. And that book was written because I believe there was a lot of information not told to trainers in fitness industries, teachers and professionals. When they’re starting in the business and they think they’re ready to go.

They get their certification, they learn a little bit they apply for their first job at a gym, and they get there and they’re lost. It takes three or four or five or six years before their schedules are filled, and some of them quit well before that. Most of them do, because they feel like they’re missing something. What’s wrong with people? Online? I have business cards, I have posters around town, I’m telling people, how come I can’t fill my schedule? Part of the reason is that they just don’t understand all the nuances of the business.

Even when they start to fill their schedules, there’s a host of other problems they have, right? What booking software do I use? How do I deal with clients who cancel routinely? My client has XYZ injuries, what sort of exercises can I do to make sure that they’re still getting a good workout, but that I’m not injuring them?

There are all of these questions that we have as personal trainers, and it’s a great thing that we’re inquisitive. I know most personal trainers and fitness industry teachers, group fitness instructors are on forums, and we get to bounce those questions off each other. But what I like to do here, through the podcast is take those questions, right? How do I deal with clients who are going through pregnancy or prenatal, right? The op t model? Or what? What are the benefits of doing resistance training only as opposed to resistance training with weight training and cardio?

Whatever the questions are in the industry. How do I help my clients who are having a hard time at home? Maybe they’re maybe they don’t sleep enough? Maybe they’re not eating properly? How do I get them to that goal? This is what this podcast is for, I reach out to professionals all over the industry, or they reach out to me to come on the podcast. We cover topics now. This is me just going on a tangent now, but this is the 1% of 99% of these conversations will be very structured.

There’ll be an interview, where I bring somebody on there was a topic at hand.

There’s a thesis, if you will, that we were trying to get to or cover. So it might be what are the five best exercises to use when coaching a swimmer? Or how do I help clients who have never run before? Who wants to run their first 5k? Or how do I help clients who just got done with a pregnancy get back into fitness or whatever this is we try to hammer home these topics in on things that a lot of personal trainers or fitness personal trainers or fitness industry teachers and leaders are asking in the industry or that are dealing with? We give you as many details as we can if we can’t answer it fully at least we’re providing the information for you to then come up with the answer yourself.

But that will always be the goal of the podcast, in interview form, so that you actually get some real-life tips and tricks that you can use in your day-to-day. We also have the blog, which is a combination of you know, the podcast and my book religious different topics surrounding the fitness industry, where we cover those things.

Sometimes we will take podcasts and we’ll transform them into blogs (like here!). Trulyfit’s goal is to help fitness industry teachers and professionals personal trainers run their businesses we do that through a three-pronged approach. We have a blog, we have our podcast, which interviews fitness professionals from all walks of health are interviewed already registered dieticians, yoga specialists, prenatal specialists, Pilates specialists, I’ve interviewed people who deal with stress management, celebrity trainers, senior fitness, you name it, I found them.

Then in addition to the TrulyFit podcast, we have the app or the software, which again is a combination between trainer’s eyes, and thumbtack and mind-body and schedule a city all sort of rolled into one little by little we’re going to continue to upgrade and innovate. We are not launched yet, guys, you can’t go on and sign up yet. But I will let you know when we are launched.

But the goal is for trainers to go on, make your bio page, you set your schedule, we drive clients to you, you can run those classes virtually or otherwise free-market approach you set your prices. If the question is what’s the advantage for the client. So the events for the clients are they don’t just have to stick with you.

They have a whole pool of people they can pull from so one day they want to do yoga, they’ve searched out a yoga teacher, and the next day they want to do a virtual hit class and they find you and they pay credit to do a virtual hit cloud virtual hit class. So it keeps so you have the advantage of having all those other trainers who are on there who were sort of recruiting other clients to the site have a chance to work with you.

So the big pool of people. Again, it’s for free. Reach out to me at any time throught the socal If you have questions concerning the application or the podcast with the blog, or you want to be on the podcast, you think you have something to provide or you want to give me a topic that you believe needs to be covered. Feel free to reach out to

We appreciate you listening or reading and see you at the next one.

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