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What is Analemma Water? Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic


Guest: Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic

Release Date: 8/18/2022

Welcome to the Trulyfit Podcast, where we interview experts in fitness & health to expand our wisdom and wealth. I am your host, Steve Washuta, author of Fitness Business 101, and Co-Founder of TrulyFit.

This week, we continue our water week and we speak with both Mario and Dr. Erik of Analemma water. This product of Analemma is a crystal rod that you use to stir in your water. Inside this rod is mother water of sorts. That helps bring your water into a liquid crystalline structure. A more coherent, less chaotic, stable, naturally structured state of water. Eric and Mario will talk about the science behind this. Also all the studies showing the benefits in plants, animals, and humans.

I remember a New York Times bestseller that moved my late mother so much. That she up and relocated to the ocean. It was called the hidden messages of water. After talking with Mario and Erik. One gets the sense that they both have seen and are starting to understand what the author Dr. Emoto saw, and what my mom was convinced of that water, the substance we take for granted.

And yet the basis for life is so much more complex than we could ever imagine. However, describing and unpacking both the deep science and dare I say the spiritual components. Can’t be done in a 30-minute podcast. So as usual, I will tell you that I’m not promoting this product. As I don’t promote anything, but I will tell you to do your due diligence.

And if you’re interested, you can read more about this on their website, and I’ll have that in the description below. Regardless, of anything that’s potentially taboo in nature. Whether it’s a topic or product, I’m still going to continue to allow people who share the same goal as I do. Which is promoting health and wellness, to share their stories in science.

It was a pleasure to speak with both of them and I look forward to their success and future conversations. Without further ado, we discuss a little water. Erik and  Mario thank you so much for joining the Trulyfit podcast, why don’t you each individually Mario, you can start first give a little background on yourselves and how you got into the health and wellness realm.

Mario Brainovic: Well, I own the advertise gauge in a production house and they work the entire thing for me and had a successful company. But I was always very, very, very passionate about health and wellness. Always kind of finding ways how to improve our biology, our physiology. That led me, to open our natural pharmaceutical company.

Mario Brainovic:

I did that for many years and was really also very successful. In treating a lot of people in a very effective way just through natural means.

Mario Brainovic:

After a while I’ve developed it pretty well Then I’ve sold it to Walgreens, and then I kind of decided if I’m going to kind of really invest myself into something, it really needs to be something for the highest good of all, it really needs to be something that truly impacts the planet from personal to university level like plants, animals, humans,

Mario Brainovic: Then I came up to read some awesome synchronicities to dolphin Eric into the whole dilemma project and it ticked all the boxes this water truly is a blessing. So this is just a short version. And I’m just going to ask Eric to also give an introduction to himself.

My name is Eric Laarakker. I’m a veterinarian, and also a holistic trained human doctor. I’ve been interested in life since I was a little kid. I want to be a veterinarian since I was three years old. And always been busy with animals growing up in the middle of the forest.

Eric Laarakker: So actually, nature was my biggest teacher and university was my biggest deception. How we’re trained over there, you know, to look at things. So I decided when I was doing my veterinary school just to research everything. Whatever is so I got about 40 diplomas and like an osteopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, etc. I mean, it’s not to brag about it, but just to learn what is there.

Eric Laarakker: And I came to the conclusion that we don’t know zilch about how our body functions. And so 14 years ago, I met the assaulting actually at this moment. I have a clinic over here 21 human doctors, veterinarians were called there. And we call it the Center for Innovative medicine. Because we’re constantly on the move. Trying to invent new things and see how it works.

Eric Laarakker: And 30 years ago, 50 years ago, Madoff Santana, my colleague, who comes from the IT world Telecom. And because of our worries about what’s happening on this planet. We thought we said we’re gonna set up a laboratory. And we took over the whole laboratory of a famous professor for Phitsanulok, from Germany.

Eric Laarakker: And it’s by a photo lab. So we did much research on biophotons. Just trying to understand, okay, what is a life huddle? What are the component components that will cause we didn’t know anything about it?

Eric Laarakker:  So in a year’s time, we ended up to water, water plays the bass’s most crucial role in you know, in life, whatever it is, and maybe I can go straight forward, why of all you want to ask other asked another question?

Steve Washuta: Well, Analemma is the product. Give me a layman’s description. If you were drinking this water, and a child came up to you and says, what exactly is this water? How would you describe it?

Eric Laarakker: It is the first I want to get a little bit back and understand what the body is. And then you understand more. I think, what the water is what we forget. I mean, we learned at school that 7% of our body is water, that’s true in mass.

Eric Laarakker: But if you look at molecule-wise, there’s 99% of our molecules actually is, is water. So what is the most important thing in our body, and we don’t understand what is doing over there?

Eric Laarakker: And I just did a whole course on quantum physics to understand quantum physics more because actually, water is a broadband absorber for all the electromagnetic fields, if you look at, we have an atmosphere around this planet, which absorbs 70% of the incoming frequency, electromagnetic field. That’s why we can live over here. If you would push everything together in a liquid state, and it’s only three centimeters of water.

Eric Laarakker: So what is a broadband absorber for all the information, it’s an infant information carrier. And it’s so fantastic that we don’t realize that the only path. Which has not been absorbed, it’s almost as tif he visible is the visible light, otherwise, it will be dark on this planet. So go back to that we are our water in our system is abroad, Ben absorber.

Eric Laarakker: If you go from a quantum physics perspective, quantum physics, say not matter. But quantum information is the building block of everything. Everything is information, and everything is about inflammation. We look at disease as a chronic disease, at least as an inflammation issue.

Eric Laarakker: So you need to restore the inflammation. How the better the inflammation is restored. The better your health is, and what plays a key role in it. The third part of our body, which we don’t look at that much is our microbiome.

Eric Laarakker: As we know, we have 10 times more materials in our body than we have body cells. And actually, the crucial part is that the microbiome. These bacterias love that water, they grow a lot faster, and then come back to that later.

Eric Laarakker:  So those three parts they work closely together the microbiome information and water is true the point of all of that what is the broadband absorb of all the electromagnetic fields, but it depends on the quality of the water and I don’t mean the chemical part of it, but how it’s been constructed.

Eric Laarakker: Usually, will all the water that we have seen on this planet is chaotic. Which means that the h2o molecules just go randomly around. And collide with each other and reduce do just something and then just capable of grabbing the right information. You know, just a little bit if you let all the molecules work together. You get like crystalline formations inside of the water. It’s going to receive all the information just as a radio if you split my data. Set my dial to a certain number then I get the information. Put it in another dial I get the audio information.

Eric Laarakker: So we were able in 13 years to build make water which is in the most harmonic positive construction Monika why’s that it receives all the information or health information what we need, and the most special part of it instead of stable because All the water, which you find on this planet and water devices, they’re not stable, you make your water coherent.

Eric Laarakker: But then after a little while that falls back, especially with 5g, Wi-Fi and all that kind of stuff fall back into chaotic water. Our that’s why it took us 13 years to come to the point where we are now and spent millions in research to get to make the water stable. And if you wait for the water to stable in that coherent position, all the information and you know can do is it’s going to be a lot better.

Eric Laarakker: So diseases, healing, etc, will be a lot faster. So what is our water? We call it full spectrum coherent because it receives all the information, and stable water. And that’s a big difference with a lot of other waters.

Mario Brainovic:  Can you just do you Okay, please? Go ahead, Mary. Yeah, just kind of wanted to simplify for people. So just like Eric mentioned, h2o molecules and drinking water move chaotically. This chaos has a profound influence on our health. And we’re completely unaware of that. We are completely unaware of that.

Mario Brainovic:  And when you swirl our device, and Allameh through the water, what happens is that those same h2o molecules start linking together and behaving harmonically. They start forming the liquid crystalline structure, and that structure and its stability has a profound influence on our health and wellness, we tested on humans on plants and animals and the results were always remarkable. So that particular structure in water has a really, really immense influence on our overall health and wellness.

Eric Laarakker: You can compare that a little bit, Steve a little bit with light, and chaotic light, which is a normal bulb, and a laser light, you know, you have a five-watt laser light, you know, you let all the waves of the light the biophotons work together, and what do you get as a laser, which is a lot more powerful. So the same with water molecules, if they started working together, you get very powerful water.

Steve Washuta: Is there anywhere in nature where this can be found? Where stable water can be found without being manmade? Or is that not the case?

Eric Laarakker: No. As far as we know, we didn’t find it, it comes out quite coherent out of well, you know, like the beginning of the Ganga and stuff like that. But after a short while, that becomes completely chaotic. And we have had this discussion many times. So but why is that possible? Things have changed.

Eric Laarakker: You know, in the past, we didn’t have so much influence of chemicals, bad thoughts, all the 5g 4g whatever’s out there. And so naturally, so it was more than enough for nature, what it does, it makes itself coherent by you know, the river goes right, left, right, left, etc, that’s actually bringing water alive again. And that was sufficient because there was not enough.

Eric Laarakker: There was not so many negative influences that, you know, this harmonize the water. So we had to find a way to put it in a stable way, in a coherent way, but stay stable, otherwise, it is not us.

Steve Washuta: So before we’re talking about science, I want to delve a little bit deeper into this origin story. Were you seeking out this and then found the science afterward? What I mean by that is, were you pretty sure that if you made water stable, you would have great benefits? Are we looking for something that had great benefits, and you just randomly tried stable water and then found the benefits from it?

Eric Laarakker:  Well, there’s a third option, a little bit of both. And I mean, you don’t have any clue how much we’ve been working before. door for me both to understand a little bit you know, how things work. We also come both from a scientific background. And we also come from a spiritual background.

Eric Laarakker: So we were adding all of that together, you know, like one melting pot and then try out what happens and then you see things happen. And we said well, we want to be sure so we bought a whole greenhouse of five acres just to do our testing.

Eric Laarakker: We have been testing there for years on cucumbers, and tomatoes, because just want to see on plants, it’s a lot quicker, what happens and we were quickly able to, to show 100% scientific proof that by just changing the water we could that you know, the 50% more biophotons so 50% More energy, the survival rate of lightful cucumber plants which ordinary 12 And he stopped using up after two-three years to 24 weeks continuous producing And so we said, well, we need to see in practice what happens and not just theorize about it and not just, you know, give crystalline structures like what a lot of people do nothing wrong with that. But we want to see in so actually, it was waiting for signs, it’s five people over there.

Eric Laarakker: And every Tuesday we sit together, okay, what we learned last week, this seems to work, this doesn’t seem to work. We didn’t, we’re interested in publishing and publishing anything because it takes you three years to prove almost nothing. Or we little luck, something. So every week, we went okay, for now, we’ll go to the left. Okay, that seems to be in a good direction now. Okay, etc, etc. So we did quick science. And then when we were on the right track on the right road, then we started digging deep into it. So it’s a combination of, you know, different views.

Steve Washuta:  Mario, tell me a little bit about the stick. Why choose that? Why not have people just buy this? Let’s say that’s in a bottle so to speak, does it not work that way? Do you have to do it instantaneously? Is there a point in which the water becomes unstable quickly? And that’s why you start?

Mario Brainovic: No, actually, this is the elegance of it. The analemma, actually is this crystal vial, which is filled with mother water, what we call the mother water. So this is the water in this very, very special, highly coherent, highly powerful, stable state. And Crystal actually plays an amazing role. It’s, it’s actually a superconductor like it’s there, but it’s not there.

Mario Brainovic: So whenever any h2o molecule comes in close proximity to Mother water, it will mimic its exact structure. That’s why it’s so elegant. And it’s so wonderful, you know, it’s so stable that with just one swirl, even a couple of years later, the water will stay in that very particular coherent state. So with this one stick, you can create coherent water for your full life.

Steve Washuta: Wow, that’s amazing. And that talk a little bit about science. I know you guys said, you were working with plants first. And then I believe animals and then humans. Tell me some of these studies. Exactly. Are you comparing this to let’s say, your standard tap water to bottled water? Are the amounts the same when you’re doing these studies?

Mario Brainovic:  Yeah, this is interesting. I’m just going to go directly into a human study and edit can mention something about plant studies. So we wanted to really prove that something biologically remarkable happens when people drink this water.

Mario Brainovic: So we were researching and we stumbled upon like an age like can it use the most accurate health and wellness test available. So they threw these proteins called glycans in our blood, they can very accurately determine your biological age, in contrast to your chronological age, the age of your immune system, it tells you how old you actually are. So what we did, was we took healthy volunteers and we did the baseline tests, so they will determine their biological age.

Mario Brainovic: And then they drank a liter and a half of water out of the water a day without changing anything else without changing their diets without changing their exercise regime without changing anything. And after three months, we did another test to see what happened. And the results were really amazing. People experienced up to 12 years of biological age regeneration. They read their whole system is rejuvenated on the cellular level.

Mario Brainovic: This was really really, really remarkable. Now we’re actually doing another like NIH study, just to reinforce the results, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. And we’re doing actually now several human studies, we’re doing a PP study we already tested on plants we already know that mitochondrial cellular energy, the vitality of the plant increases dramatically when you water it with ultimate water.

Mario Brainovic: And now we’re doing a human study to see how human energy rises ATP levels in ourselves. When people drink this water. It’s also a double-blind placebo-controlled study we’re doing a double-blind placebo-controlled brainwaves study which is also extraordinary and remarkable because as soon as you have a sip of this water, the left and the right hemisphere of your brain will start to communicate much better and there is an instant cooling effect on your brainwaves.

Mario Brainovic:  So this is something that happens instantly. And all the other effects happen through time. So this is also a double-blind placebo-controlled study that we’re doing. There are really loads of things. One of the most important studies and I will let Eric talk about this is the microbiome study.

Mario Brainovic: We already know that the microbiome changes when you drink this water now we’re doing the double-blind placebo-controlled study, to reinforce those results. And there is now in this emerging science in the last 10 years, like everybody on the planet knows that every single part of our health, emotional health, mental physical, is very, very much connected to the health of our microbiome. But Eric, you can tell me something about that.

Eric Laarakker: We already could prove in the soil actually test last year on soil has been made that you know, what, round up, classified glyphosate. And that by just adding the water that in three months, there was an enhancement of 60%, of the version of different species of the genomes of the microbiome.

Eric Laarakker: And this is really important, we even could prove that the co2 uptake and Noah has doubled. And we have to retest again on a bit of skill. But the first steps were more than beautiful in that. So that means, there’s actually there’s, like I said before, the biggest part, what it does to the microbiome, the good bacteria they loved and what and they start going faster, and already did it in a pass on tomatoes, we proved that, by feeding a microbiome, which has been grown in that water actually gave the tomato soup that we gave that microbiome, they got five times more biophotons in tomatoes.

Eric Laarakker:  So the microbiome is a crucial part in it. And actually, just today, I talked with a vet who is doing research for us now on in stables with cows, and that actually the conversion rate of the food went up. So that means that the food became a lot more efficient, and hopefully, less waste, which comes out, you know, the end of the cows.

Eric Laarakker: And so because they need less food, the conversion rate was a lot better. So and that has all has to do with the microbiome, the microbiome, the microbiome comes a lot better than you know, we can see it on everything, we’re just starting now doing research. With the University on plants, we already could see that after like for basil plants. If you don’t give him any water for a couple of days, we will know what to look like.

Eric Laarakker: And we did a test with it and give them a little bit Analemma water and give them a little bit normal water about the pictures are so obvious, I mean, in 50 minutes the Revive again, with all the water they don’t. And also the other way around, they’re grown up with the water, at least for a while. And when you deprive them of water and everything and a lot of heat, they survive a lot longer.

Eric Laarakker: So we are convinced we have to prove it by just giving that water, the analemma water, the plants need a lot less, maybe even 40-50% less water. So that could be also a very good solution for the future. Of course, if we would like to if we want to make water more coherent, but actually our main goal is, you know, not only sto ell sticks, but then we go actually mostly with time will tell at the end. As our ,we have a goal, a vision.

Eric Laarakker: And our vision is that, in a couple of years, we want to get all the water on this planet coherent again, not you know, just by the lucky few who can buy a stick and analemma stick. But we have bigger devices while we can do or agriculture, we have bigger devices now almost ready for the market for building a house. But we can do rivers, we can do legs, we can do everything.

Eric Laarakker: So how beautiful would it be that in the future in a couple of years, all the water on this planet will be coherent? We don’t have any business anymore. But it’s fine. Because I mean, it needs to be for the benefit. Because everything or everything has nothing in your body. What are doesn’t play the key world, there’s nothing on this planet. Well, water doesn’t play a key role.

Eric Laarakker:  So how beautiful would it be if you know all the water will be coherent, and all the water and all the plants, the soil everything will be a lot of help more healthy? I mean, we could prove it in many ways. So we’re busy with a lot of research constantly to prove that what we say is right, and not just, you know,

Mario Brainovic: I would just like to add to it. Like we all feel that we are serving this water not the other way around. Mother Earth is the hidden voice of this project. Just like Eric mentioned, our plan is to actually can you imagine if we could create this very ecological installation that dwells of all the rivers, then all the life down the line all the life would thrive.

Mario Brainovic:  We could really change really dramatically change the health of our planet very fast. Just like we already proved the microbiome changes. So these rivers can purify themselves oceans can actually purify themselves from within. So this is really something that we’re really, really passionate about. And hopefully, this is our target. This is what we want to do, we’ll see how much time would be necessary to do it. But this is something planetary awesome.

Steve Washuta: It seems like an amazing product. And obviously, you guys have the studies to show the efficacy in humans and plants and animals. Can you talk a little bit about lastly here? The science and if it’s proprietary behind actually designing the water? How does that work?

Eric Laarakker: How the design of the water? How does it work? Yeah. Well, as you probably know, most of the time, when people create a water device, nothing wrong with it, I mean, the nice devices on them are always you know, you have to it works by vortex minerals are magnets, that’s usually the three the combination of the three. And the stability, like said is an issue.

Eric Laarakker: And it doesn’t mean that if you I would for tax my water, which is good for your water, and I will drink it, then it will stay stable in your body evolved. Because I mean, you have your cell phone, on your body and everything. So that was actually our main goal. Just by studying many old books, and getting information, you know, from Walter Russell to Nikola Tesla to whatever we combined it certain stuff and we just tested it there is no electricity connection to that, but what is very important is that actually making the water takes over a year.

Eric Laarakker: Because it goes through stages. It first you have like a kind of imploring model, you know, whether the Star Wars Star structuring? Yeah, a lot of other ways be information and do on certain moments, you know, when the stars are different than otherwise done with the gold into the next step whole step in it. So it’s more or less doing what the customers does, but then, you know, put it all together in like in one year. Because don’t forget that water is the communicator not only here, but on the whole cosmos, there isn’t.

Eric Laarakker: There are many waters between star constellations. So what is not unique on this planet? What water is everywhere? What does it do over there? While we look at it, like we said, you know, the crystal communicates it’s become a communicator. And so we went to a lot of trial and error, you know, to make it and there’s we tried to copy nature and Cosmos both. Let’s put it that way. And everything is done by us nature attended to be

Steve Washuta: Mario, can you tell us where we can find more about in a lemma, whether it’s the science of purchasing the product and anything else you want to tell my audience?

Mario Brainovic:   Well, everybody, we are now actually coming out with a lot of new products. So it’s, we just kind of barely came up with it. But we put 13 years of study behind it, we really kind of wanted to prove that this 100% works.

Mario Brainovic: So you can just go to MLM Adesh website you can purchase the property that you can get all the information on the studies on everything that we’re doing, you can actually subscribe to our newsletter because we’re constantly investing in new sciences you will get new information about what water is what water can do for your health, and all the other information so this is really a powerful way to stay connected.

Mario Brainovic: And sometime in fall we’re going to come up with other products. So these two are the first one that we are coming out so

Steve Washuta: I guess today I’ve been with Mario and Erik of Analemma water. Thank you so much for joining the Trulyfit podcast.

Mario Brainovic: Thank you so much. Thank you.

Steve Washuta: Thanks for joining us on the Trulyfit podcast. Please subscribe, rate, and review on your listening platform. Feel free to email us as we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again!




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